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Price for the Physiotherapy session (50-60min) is based on mutual agreement. House or office calls are available.

Preventive Rehabilitation Programs for companies (prevention of a stress, fatique, muscle tension, spine rigidity, back pain, headache, relaxation, ergonomics, therapeutical exercise etc.).

Applied physiotherapeutical techniques :

  • Complete Initial Kinesiological Examination (Analysis of movement stereotypes )
  • Follow-up Examination
  • Massage Techniques
  • Soft Tissue Techniques (Postizometric muscle relaxation)
  • Joint Mobilization and Manipulation Techniques (incl. selftherapy instruction)
  • Individual Exercise Therapy (stretch, strength, relaxation, timing, stability training)
  • Educational Consultation with patient, parent
  • Special Therapeutical Techniques
  • Electrotherapy (surface or vacuum electrodes system of aplication)
  • Therapeutical Ultrasound (continual, pulse)
  • Biotronic lamp
  • Bright Light Therapy
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